Friday, December 17, 2010

Our next book, Texas by James Michener

Hi there friends!  I've been faithfully reading a chapter each week to finish this book by the time we meet next month.  I'm now on the chapter titled "The Fort".  I've been working on this book now (lets see, I'll count the chapters read so far...) for 10 weeks.  It has helped me grow as a reader of fat books, and the history is so cool!  Every one of my friends at work, and my family is learning historical trivia as I become excited over new facts.

For example, why were the black soldiers called Buffalo soldiers (hint, it is in the hair)?
And, I tell any listener who looks the least bit interested, did you know Texans were first Texicans to rhyme with Mexicans, then Texians, then Texans?

It is really an awesome book.  Right now I'm reading about Rattlesnake Peavine and Comanche Chief Matark.  What bastards.  Anyone who thinks life isn't fair should read a bit of history.  Yes, it isn't fair that your insurance company denies your claim, or that you are the only one in the family washing dishes, but how about having your ears burned off a little bit at a time by Comanche?  Or, how about being hung by Texas Rangers because you happened to be Mexican?