Sunday, January 16, 2011

Book meeting on Texas, and great book choices for our next discussion

For the next discussion, one of the following three books will be our new choice.  It will all depend on how the people in the group vote.  Lisa choose the following books.  Usually, we vote on the next read at our meeting, but being at Texas Roadhouse, it was too noisy to decide.

To review the meeting, Texas Roadhouse was my (bad) choice for discussion.  We were lucky to be seated, but even at 4:30 in the evening, it was very crowed and noisy.  Most everyone liked the book with one exception.  There were door prizes for those who finished the book (another Mitchener book, Caribbean for one finished, and a pack of gum for the other finisher), and a door prize for the person who read the fewest number of pages (around 80 pages).  This prize was a caribou that pooped out candy when you lifted his tail.  It required no reading to enjoy!  Everyone got a real cotton boll from Lubbock (from my trip out there over Thanksgiving).  Anyway, if was fun.  Our next meeting is tentatively set for the 3rd Saturday in March.

The next job is to vote on the next pick and send Lisa an email.  I want to read all of them! 

And,  drum roll, here are the picks:

Pick number one:  Cutting for Stone by Verghese. Lisa wrote "I learned about this one when I saw my patient reading it. She loved the book. New via Amazon costs $8.44 and I saw it at Costco. It's a "magnificent, sweeping novel that moves from India to Ethiopia to an inner-city hospital in NYC over decades and generations"  Lots of medical stuff included. 688 pages. "

Pick number two: The Art of Racing in the Rain by Stein.  Lisa wrote "I listened to this in my car and really liked it. Everyone I know who has read it has also really enjoyed this novel. This one is told by a dog, which sounds dumb, but the author pulls it off beautifully. Enzo tells his master's life story, which includes "love, tragedy, redemption, danger and--most especially-- the canine narrator, Enzo". New via Amazon costs $4.96 and I also saw it at Costco. 336 pages."

Pick number three: Eternal on the Water by Monninger.  Lisa wrote "I read about this one in my Chinaberry magazine, where I get lots of good book ideas. It's a "poignant love story rooted in the forests of Maine" about a couple who falls in love on a camping trip. The heroine has Huntington's disease and the story goes from there, making it a "memorable story of love and courage"."