Sunday, January 2, 2011

Texas, Chapter XII, The Town

This was a very informative chapter.  The way the KKK tries to control the little town of Larkin is telling and eye opening.  Murder, assault, and open corruption committed in the early 1900's in Texas in the name of morality (enforced by hypocrites) is shocking to me.  Is this the nature of people in the absence of the law?

The theme that speaks to me in this chapter is that when money or political gain are involved, anything goes.  This theme was extended by speaking of the importance of winning high school football games by recruiting professional players and by cheating at the poles for political gain.

The high point for me was learning about the process of drilling for oil.  The struggle and expense of locating the oil, and the amazing risks taken for huge riches made this a fun chapter for me.  More information about the longhorn cattle is very interesting also.  After reading this though, I'm still wondering if my view of fellow man is too generous.  Perhaps man's nature is that given anarchy, a few immoral bastards rise to the top to subjugate their fellow man.

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