Friday, April 22, 2011

Harvest, Tess Gerritsen

I just finished Harvest by Tess Gerritsen.

There was one lead that said she rivaled Patricia Cornwell - an author who writes just a bit too much disgusting scenes in her stories for me. I put Cornwell on a don't read any more list - like Katherine seems to have done with Hill.

But I thought I'd try this author.

Rather good writing, I thought. Kept me going as a page turner. Not really everyone will relate, though. Beause I worked in a hospital for a number of years, I am sure I was identifying with the organ transplant issues - (slight) medical knowledge I have kept it provocativew.

No way was this as forthright as a Cornwell book.

Well, until she got to the page where she wove the story together and "spilled the beans" so to speak.

Obviously I do not wish to spoil this for anyone who wants to read it - but it did get a bit over-the-top-bloody to finish up. Good writer that I observed her to be, she had the story played out with surprises Sherlock Holmes would be proud of.

If you want a creative horror story about hospital transpant organ donor-recipient/doctor involvement, this is a page-turner full of suspense. If you don't like blood, or don't relate to docs on call till they drop, or a bloody OR, just pass it up.

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  1. I think I would like to give this book a try! Suspense and horror are entertaining, and I'll just have to see if there is too much gore. Gore as part of the story is cool, gore for gores sake is over the top, at least for me. As long as it doesn't have people lining up to commit suicide, as in The Heart Shaped Box (see earlier review), it sound like fun times.